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The Metaphor of the Toy Robot

So I am currently working on a new series.

The first piece already completed, Self Indulgence of Sadness located here,  is the first account on the communication dialogue between man and machine, more specifically woman and robot.

I wanted to take the time to explain in a first installment the significance of the toy robot, to me, and in culture in general.

When we think of pop culture, low brow, and its interplay dynamics with current culture we are bombarded with a variety of symbolist vision. Assuming you are decently versed on the background and nature of pop art and how its existence led to the current lowbrow art movement, the usage of popular toys shouldn't be a completely new concept.

Even as the juxtaposed metaphor and symbolism of the robot exists next to humanity to conflict and complement all that is human, It is constantly used as a alien reminder, more like a tool for "othering".

I want to take this notion a twist it a bit and use it more as internal self for our own humanity, for robots came from humans, we are their gods and they our Adam, forever intertwined into our very human existence. I plan to use them more as extension of our thoughts feeling and emotive connectedness, to coerce viewers to reconsider the robots outside existence.

What better way to this than with a toy?

Something so juvenile yet accessible and relatable as well as having a long standing tradition in human curiosity.

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