Alexiah Carter
Graphic Designer | Multimedia Artist | Illustrator


I am an Artist based in Houston, Texas that dabbles in various mediums and forms of art. I graduated from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelors of Fine Art in Animation with a focus on two-dimensional design as a storytelling tool.

It is important to me to use art as a source to communicate in a way that was not only appealing but also pervasive. Having interdisciplinary experience in the areas of Animation, Graphic Design, with a touch of Studio art influences allows me to interweave the foundations for each of these practice to foster and produce strong and well rounded work.

I enjoy exploring new music, and all sorts of video games. I am passionate about a variety of subjects like biology and psychology,  and enjoy constantly learning and using emotion, thought, and knowledge to influence my work. When not running from task to task, you can find me around visiting art galleries and museums.